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Shield, the decentralized options protocol, has announced the beta release of Staking Vault, its latest LSD (Liquid Staking Derivatives) product. Staking Vault is a one-stop solution for maximizing staking profits with no minimum staking requirement. Shield uses DeFi composability and adds another layer to the current LSD landscape by amplifying staking yields through exotic option trading, delivering organic yield while safeguarding principle.

Shield Staking Vault is a cutting-edge product that combines the power of staking with the flexibility of option trading. It leverages the security and stability of Curve Finance and Lido Finance to provide investors with a unique opportunity to maximize their staking yields and safeguard their principles.Shield Staking Vault, packaged in the form of defi option vaults, combines the finest characteristics of liquid staking protocols with option trading, making it the ideal solution for both experienced traders and crypto newcomers.

Staking Vault automatically divides all customers’ deposits into two funds: an LP mining fund and an option trading fund. The degree of principle protection selected by investors determines the LP mining fund, which is utilized to provide liquidity in the stETH/ETH pool on Curve after a part of ETH is traded for stETH on Lido. This enables investors to get trading fees and liquidity incentives while also participating in Ethereum staking with a single click.

The remaining principle and mining accruals are used as the option trading fund to conduct a “wedding cake” strategy that provides predetermined rewards dependent on the movement of the underlying asset (ETH) within predefined bounds. Even in the unlikely case where the price of ETH exceeds or drops below the defined barrier, the option expires worthless with no profit, the depositors still receive profits from the LP mining fund, ensuring the protection of their initial investment.

Shield is developing a suite of decentralized option protocols in order to popularize option, a complicated financial instrument, and to include a greater range of Web3 assets and holders in an easy-to-use way. Applications for the Staking Vault closed beta are currently being accepted via the official Twitter account @shielddao. Participants in the closed beta will be able to test the LSD product and receive double the normal mining yields, as well as limited-edition NFTs and other exclusive perks. A community discussion board for Shield Staking Vault’s staking pass incentive programme will also be released at the same time.

Shield is building a suite of decentralized option protocols to enable users to trade perpetual options easily and launch Defi Option Vault (DOV) in this one-stop shop. In order to help users take advantage of the new opportunities of the Ethernet Shanghai upgrade, a new product, Staking Vault is now available

About Company

Shield Vault is a launchpad that provides professional structured products utilizing option strategies where protocols and marker makers can issue permissionless on-chain structured products.

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