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Whether you’re promoting a store, celebrating a special occasion, or showcasing sponsorships, a vinyl banner can grab attention and relay any message effectively. But you don’t want something general and boring. Custom vinyl banners are a popular choice among business owners and the general public because of how durable and versatile they are — you can print virtually anything!

Find out how to create a stand-out banner that meets your needs, whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, opening a brand new store, or holding a corporate event. 

Determine where the banner will go. Before starting your design, consider where your banner will be displayed. Indoor and outdoor locations have different requirements. For example, if your banner is going to be indoors, you’ll want to focus on aesthetics and size — there will be a limit depending on the venue. Conversely, focus on the material for banners going up outdoors. Vinyl is always the right choice because of its weather-resistant properties. 

Choose what type of banner material you need. Banners come in various materials, the most popular being vinyl, mesh, and fabric. If you’re looking for the most durable and versatile option, vinyl is an excellent choice, as you can use them both indoors or outdoors. However, mesh may be the ideal option if your event is outdoors. This fabric allows wind to pass through and can reduce strain on the signage, which is nice if you expect any weather-related issues. Finally, there are fabric banners that work well indoors. These banners look polished and provide a high-quality way to relay your message! 

Choose (or create) a banner template. Before you do the actual designing of your messaging and imaging, you need to select a design template that aligns with your event or message. If you need help figuring out where to start, there are many online design tools that offer pre-made templates tailored for various occasions. Use one of those to help you begin.

Decide what the banner will say. No matter the occasion, you should always craft a clear and concise message. After all, you only have so much room! As much as you want to promote your message, don’t forget about details like dates, locations, or contact information if necessary. Pro tip: make sure you have someone proofread your messaging before the banner goes to print! 

Opt for a readable font. Once you’ve determined your messaging, you’ll want to pick a legible font that anyone can read, even from a distance. It’s not the time to go fancy with scripts and scrolls. Bold, simple fonts usually work best. If your brand has a recognizable font, choose one that best aligns with your existing marketing.

Choose imagery, if you’re using it. Select high-quality images or graphics that complement your message. If your banner will feature pictures, make sure they’re relevant and uploaded at a high resolution so they translate to a larger format. You don’t want your photos to appear blurry or pixelated.

Consider color choices. Color can make all the difference when it comes to reading a sign or helping it stand out. That’s why you should use colors that make your text and images easily visible, ensuring they contrast nicely for readability. If it’s relevant, incorporate your brand’s color scheme to keep your marketing efforts consistent. But if your color scheme lessens the accessibility of the banner, choose something that closely relates to your brand.

Focus on the layout. Once you have everything together, arrange all of the elements on your banner in a way that creates a balanced and visually appealing design. Before everything goes to print, ensure the main message is the most prominent feature. Pay attention to small details like spacing and alignment — elements that are too close together can appear cluttered. Finally, review your banner and have another set of eyes (or two) look it over to ensure you didn’t miss anything.

Finally, it’s time to go to print! Make sure you choose a reputable printing service that can provide custom vinyl banners that meet your needs and ensure high-quality results. When you need guidance, let the experts help you design an eye-catching banner that effectively communicates your message and grabs your audience’s attention.

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