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On-site service delivery is often tricky as it depends on how your worker executes and how well you remotely manage circumstances. For example, if you don’t equip your field service technicians with the necessary resources to finish the job, they may have to revisit inventory just to get them and return to the job site. This wastes workers’ time, fuel, and productive hours while reducing your ability to cater to more jobs.

A simple adoption of field service management software can help avoid operational mishaps and significantly improve productivity – read more to learn how.

What is field service management software?

Field service management software enables field service businesses to streamline operations by automating manual work. You can automate many repetitive tasks across marketing, scheduling, dispatching, workforce management, inventory control, customer service, and more to save time and expenses.

Field service automation is the simplest way to experience more productive and efficient operations, improving revenues and first-time fix rates.

For example, FSM software can automatically capture job details from customers, understand the requirements to match available, skilled, and nearest field service technicians, and dispatch them – all without manual intervention.

How does field service management software improve productivity?

Here’s how adopting FSM software can help boost field service business productivity:

Automated scheduling and dispatching

Scheduling and dispatching is a key operational workflow that is prone to human errors, causing delays and reduced first-time fix rates. FSM software will help assign the job to the right field service technician who is available, in proximity to the job site, and skilled for the job type. Once assigned, it will automatically send the job details to the assigned worker and inform the customer about the worker’s details. It also seamlessly handles any rescheduling requests and add-ons or changes in services by customers.

Mobile app accessibility

FSM software that includes provisions for iOS or Android apps helps bring on-ground visibility to your operations using GPS technology and instant messaging. It is possible to communicate with field service technicians via instant notifications, messages, and video calls which improve information sharing than mere phone calls. It is possible to update job progress immediately to customers and supervisors. Workers can also access documentation and SOPs via mobile apps without carrying hard copies.

Predictive maintenance to improve equipment productivity

A scaling field service business often faces issues in managing inventory allocation for equipment, tools, or material requirements. With FSM software, it is possible to keep track of every resource level and maintain it based on demand. It also helps track equipment health and manages its maintenance schedule accordingly to increase its usage time. Digitized inventory management practices facilitated by FSM software help ensure you minimize bench time for resources and ensure your workers are well-equipped to handle jobs.

How does field service management software improve efficiency?

Here’s how adopting FSM software can help boost field service business efficiency:

Capture and analyze data for operational insights

FSM software helps capture data across many workflows and helps find ways to improve business operations. For example, by tracking a worker’s location, you can calculate estimated arrival times at the job site and compare travel times for different routes. This helps further optimize routes and job assignments during scheduling.

Remote troubleshooting and monitoring

Technicians often encounter challenges on the job that may require a manager’s assistance. FSM software with remote troubleshooting features allows technicians to seek guidance from them without the need for on-site supervision. This not only enhances the efficiency of issue resolution but also reduces the need for additional on-ground supervisors.

Automation of administrative tasks for workers

FSM software automates administrative tasks such as invoicing, time tracking, and reporting of work. This automation eliminates manual data entry by field service while also reducing the chances of errors. Workers can focus on core tasks without being burdened by paperwork, leading to a streamlined and efficient workflow.

Get started with improving field service business operations with FSM software

At Zuper, our field service management solutions are designed to blend with your existing workflows while also eliminating manual tasks. Our latest AI, GPS, and data analytics technology help improve productivity and efficiency at scale – book a demo today.

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