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barq, a fintech application, and TerraPay, a global money
movement company, have entered into a strategic partnership aimed at providing
fast and secure international money transfer services. This collaboration
leverages TerraPay’s global payments network, aligning with barq’s strategy to
expand its service offerings and meet the growing demands of the fintech

TerraPay and barq Join Forces

The partnership is expected to enhance barq’s capabilities
in delivering efficient financial services both within Saudi Arabia and
internationally. This development follows barq’s receipt of a license from the
Saudi Central Bank in January.

Ahmed Alenazi, CEO of barq, expressed his enthusiasm,
stating: “We are delighted to collaborate with TerraPay to enhance our
international money transfer services. This alliance reflects our commitment to
innovation and customer satisfaction.”

Developed in Riyadh, barq is anticipated to impact the
Kingdom’s fintech landscape through its services, secure payment methods, and
the expertise of its team.

Ani Sane, Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer, TerraPay, commented: “This partnership is not just another agreement; it
is a testament to our commitment to supporting promising projects in Saudi
Arabia like barq. Through this collaboration, we aim to deliver fast,
efficient, and secure international money transfer services that adhere to
global standards.”

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