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June 28th marks an important day for the Outer Ring community as the highly anticipated MMORPG enters its Early Access Pre-Alpha phase. This version of the game will offer players the chance to create and save their profile within the ecosystem, select from 5 different species, and test character customization options.⁣

Players can also expect to learn the fundamental movement mechanics and engage in their first PVP multiplayer battle with the assault rifle and pistol. Additionally, the Pre-Alpha version will feature PVE multiplayer dungeon missions, giving players the opportunity to work together and experience the dangers of the Outer Ring.⁣

Great Silver City, the capital of Fanet, will provide players with a true MMO experience. It will also be the first time that players can walk through the streets and squares of the city and enter the first buildings constructed by Outer Ring’s partners, such as Baskonia, Team Heretics, or Kinepolis.⁣

It is important to note that this Early Access Pre-Alpha version is not the complete game, and many features and developments are yet to be implemented until the game’s official release. The Outer Ring MMO team will be collecting feedback from players during this phase to improve the game further.⁣

“We are excited to announce the Early Access Pre-Alpha date for the Outer Ring MMO,” said Daniel Valdés, CEO of Outer Ring. “We have been working tirelessly to bring this project to life, and we are grateful for the support of our community and partners. We hope players will enjoy this version of the game and continue to play for years to come.”⁣

Further information on how to access the Early Access Pre-Alpha will be revealed soon, and the Outer Ring MMO team will continue to provide updates on the game’s progress through their DevUpdates.⁣

For more information, please visit the Outer Ring MMO website and social media channels.⁣

About the project:

The Outer Ring MMO is a science fiction MMORPG with a tokenized economy. It is set in a universe inspired by the Outer Ring Saga, a book where 5 species belonging to 4 factions engage in battles to dominate planets and resources. The game’s economy is player-driven, where players create or earn all the assets. The blockchain technology is used to convert these assets and items into fungible or non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This means that players own the objects and can generate income by selling them, giving value to their time invested.

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