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Geoffrey Klein, aka Mr. Purple, is a TEDx speaker, an adjunct professor, a visual content producer, and the author of the new book The Content Beast. Geoffrey helps people and organizations communicate more effectively through the power of story. He serves as president and CEO of Nine Dots, a visual content company that helps businesses share their message and connect with their audience. For more information, go to

Today, we will talk about tackling that content beast weighing so many of you down. Our expert, Geoffrey Klein, shares information for those of us who struggle with content or dread content that will help you think about it the right way and develop content that is relevant, valuable, and, most importantly, attracts your target customer.

“Content will never be perfect. Just take action, and be bold.” – Geoffrey Klein

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This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

Why content is hard for small business owners.
Approaching a content strategy for small businesses.
Think consistency, not volume, when getting started.
Geoffrey’s favorite tools for content creation.
Document – you’ve got more content than you realize!
Focus on being relatable, not just credible.
Telling stories to connect with your audience.
Replay your greatest hits in different formats.
Measuring the success of your content.

Resources Mentioned:

Canva –
Become Your Own Boss – 
Start-Up Bootcamp – 

Connect with Geoffrey Klein:

Book: The Content Beast

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