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Karla Ukman is “not your father’s financial advisor.” She champions financial education and personalized strategies for women and historically excluded communities. Leading her own firm for over a decade, she ignites financial awareness and empowers clients to take charge of their money in ways that resonate with them. Karla’s passion lies in dismantling financial myths and fostering economic resilience.  If you are interested om joining her movement towards building wealth on your own terms. Check out her website:

In this episode, financial advisor Karla Ukman and I discuss the importance of financial planning for small businesses. We delve into strategies for funding startups, savings techniques, and making money work effectively during economic uncertainties. The conversation also touches on the significance of diversity and addressing money traumas in financial planning.

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Karla Ukman emphasizes the importance of financial education and personalized strategies for women and historically excluded communities, aiming to empower them to take control of their finances and build generational wealth.
Ukman advises small business owners to understand the intertwining of personal and business finances, stressing the significance of planning for retirement, tax implications, and creating a legacy while growing their business.
For economic uncertainties, Ukman recommends assessing one’s risk tolerance, prioritizing financial security with emergency funds, and exploring investment options that allow for liquidity and growth without excessive risk.

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