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Kristie Jones is the go-to expert for companies wanting to build, grow, or scale their sales or customer success teams. She started Sales Acceleration Group in 2016 to help owners and founders increase revenue, reduce churn, and be able to scale more quickly. Her 20+ years as a sales leader in the SAS space fuels her passion for helping bootstraped and venture-backed founders. For more information, head over to

It is time to talk about sales from a completely different angle – we will talk about how to hire your first sales team. That is critical because hiring the wrong salesperson in your organization can torpedo your organization, but thinking that hiring a salesperson will save your business is also a big mistake. Listen in today to hear from our expert guest about what you need to know when hiring your first sales team.

“Sales as a high-rejection sport. You need resilience. You need to have a positive attitude. You need to be able to get off that last sale call and pick up the next phone call and let that roll off your back.” – Kristie Jones

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This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

When you should bring on your first salesperson. 
Why the founder should lead sales (at least at first). 
The questions you should ask yourself when doing sales. 
Pricing and marketing before sales. 
Traits to look for in a salesperson. 
Mistakes people make when hiring salespeople. 
Cultural add, not cultural fit. 
Bringing in a sales manager. 

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Brand in Demand LIVE! – 

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