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Dave Newell is on a mission to “align the misaligned” — connecting leaders with systems that foster outstanding work and personal fulfillment. He collaborates with small business leaders to implement the Five Facets of Business™ — a small business operating system — to optimize processes and foster team alignment around culture, strategy, operations, story, and finances. This framework provides leaders with the necessary clarity and alignment to crush both short and long-term goals. As CEO of Evolve Leadership Consulting, Dave has coached hundreds of leaders both nationally and internationally and has implemented this framework. For more information:

In this episode, Melinda and guest Dave Newell discuss achieving business alignment, exploring the 5 facets of business, and understanding the three stages of alignment. They address business issues, the role of values in business design, and the importance of perspective. The episode ends with strategies to prevent small business failure.

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Effective business alignment involves ensuring all aspects of a business, including culture, strategy, operations, story (sales/marketing), and finances, are moving in the same direction to scale successfully and overcome common challenges.
Misalignment in a business can manifest through symptoms such as missed sales targets, internal communication breakdowns, and stagnant revenue, which often indicate systemic issues that require a comprehensive approach rather than isolated fixes.
The three stages of alignment—alignment, misalignment, and realignment—require leaders to actively engage with the difficult areas of their business, leverage tension to drive positive change, and maintain a dynamic approach to adapt to changing situations and environments.

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