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In this episode, Melinda Emerson chats with Angelique Williams about the nuances of business credit. They delve into its difference from personal credit, the significance of the Paydex score, and the steps to build a business credit profile. They also discuss common mistakes, the link between corporate credibility and business credit, and the role of a credit building agency. The importance of timely payroll and understanding underwriting criteria are also covered.

Angelic Williams is an Executive Consultant with J. Galt Finance. She is a creative Swiss Army knife, business consultant, business credit builder, and recovering perfectionist. With a diverse background spanning architecture, real estate, and entrepreneurship, she’s built affordable housing, started numerous startups, and helped other small businesses build their companies. She has also been featured in ESSENCE Magazine. She works to help business owners build their business credit so they can make their dreams a reality without suffocating under personal debt. For more information: People who want to schedule a consultation with her, click here.

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Business credit is different from personal credit and is essential for protecting personal assets and building a credible financial reputation for your company.
To build business credit, ensure consistency in your business details across all platforms, avoid using personal assets for business funding, and start with trade accounts that report to credit bureaus.
Having a US-issued EIN and not being in a restricted industry category are prerequisites to working with credit building services like JGalt Finance, which can help businesses achieve an 80+ Paydex score within 12 months or less.

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