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Matt Ryder is a former special forces serviceman and Founder of Sales Sniper and, currently serving as CEO at 7th Level Inc. Matt’s rapid ascent in high-ticket sales showcased his own unique approach. His adoption of NEPQ, the 7th Level method, quickly propelled him to a consistent $100K per month within 90 days. With a global reach, Matt oversees sales teams and passionately ensures broad access to transformative training. His CEO role at 7th Level reflects his commitment to empowering individuals in all aspects of life through valuable tools, trainings, and strategies. For more information:

In this episode, I chat with Matt Ryder about the essentials of a robust sales process. We explore how to identify weak links in sales, set suitable goals for small businesses, and hire competent salespeople. The discussion also covers calculating sales targets and achieving financial independence from your business.

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Effective sales processes require tracking and analyzing a broad range of data to understand and improve both the process and individual performance, enabling businesses to make informed decisions.
Hiring the right salesperson involves assessing your business realistically, understanding that top sales talent seeks established processes and systems, and considering whether candidates can handle objections effectively during the interview.
Generating qualified leads should be based on a well-defined client avatar, and the process should balance between disqualifying leads and maintaining a high volume of potential customers to ensure the sales pipeline remains full.

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