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Anna Papalia is an HR expert with over 1.5 million followers across social media platforms. She is the author of the new book Interviewology: The New Science of Interviewing. She has consulted with Fortune 100 companies, taught at Temple University and coached over 10,000 clients to interview better. Her groundbreaking discovery of Interview Styles revolutionized the way we teach and understand interviewing. She is also a public speaker at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and DisruptHR. For more information:

In this episode, I chat with Anna Papalia about her career journey and the beginning of her business. We discuss advice on hiring, overcoming personal biases, and developing a unique interview style. We also delve into the importance of diversity and personality tests in hiring. The episode wraps up with the best business advice Anna has received and closing insights.

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Interview performance does not necessarily correlate with job performance, especially in social interviews, which can emphasize skills that are not required for the job in question.
Understanding your own interview style and biases is crucial for conducting effective interviews, and you can discover your style by taking a scientifically valid assessment.
Structured interviews with prepared questions and involving multiple people in the process can help mitigate personal biases and provide diverse perspectives on a candidate’s suitability.

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