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Mr. Ted Santos is skilled at reinventing companies. And over the past 25 years, he’s reinvented himself several times. He has experience as a sales trainer, executive manager, entrepreneur, and executive coach. He’s currently chairman and CEO of Turnaround Investment Partners in New York City, which provides high-value consulting services to midsize and large companies. Mr. Santos coined the term Disruptive Leadership Model, designed to empower companies to innovate and penetrate untapped markets. He uses his proprietary methodology to work with CEOs committed to driving innovation at the enterprise level. For more information, head over to

Today, I talk about business turnarounds with an expert in the field. Having reinvented himself multiple times, Mr. Ted Santos gives us examples and key information that all leaders looking to make a turnaround in their business need to know.

“I have a philosophy – if you are the CEO and you are not intentionally creating problems, you should be fired or retrained immediately. You should be creating problems for your people to solve.” – Ted Santos

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This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

Key strategies to turn around a business.
Sales is the lifeblood of your company. 
Disruptive Leadership Model. 
Remove your presumptions of what can and cannot be done. 
Invention, not reinvention. 
What it means to be a turnaround leader. 
Moving past limits and blindspots in employees.
Post-integration strategies. 
Balancing innovation and stabilization within your organization. 

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Start-Up Boot Camp – 

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