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Dan Stalp is known as an energized entrepreneur, a business mentor, and a popular local and national speaker. Dan is the award-winning owner of Sandler Training of Kansas City, a renowned business development, coaching, and sales training business. Dan specializes in working with presidents and owners who sell, and peak-performer sales professionals who want to push through to their next level. For more information:

In this episode, energetic entrepreneur Dan Staup and I delve into the importance of a winning mindset for small business owners. We discuss learning from failures, incorporating mindset into organizational culture, dealing with underperforming salespeople, and the significance of a transferable, repeatable sales process.

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A winning mindset for a small business owner involves having internal drive, taking action on desired changes, accepting responsibility, maintaining a positive outlook, and understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses.
For salespeople to succeed in a small business, it’s important to provide them with a repeatable sales process and track key performance indicators to guide and assess their daily behaviors.
The best business advice shared is that consistent execution of small tasks over time leads to significant breakthroughs, emphasizing the importance of patience and persistence in achieving business success.

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