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THNDR’s new Sudoku and Tetris inspired mobile game “Bitcoin Blocks” lets players earn bitcoin while solving puzzles.

THNDR’s new Sudoku and Tetris inspired mobile game “Bitcoin Blocks” lets players earn bitcoin while solving puzzles.

THNDR Games has released a new Bitcoin game called Bitcoin Blocks, which allows players to test their problem-solving skills against others to win Bitcoin. The game is similar to Tetris and Sudoku, and is available on the THNDR mobile gaming platform. THNDR has also announced the Gaming Graph, a reputation and badging system that will allow players to earn badges that are tied to their identity and can be transferred to other ecosystems.

“The launch of Bitcoin Blocks marks an important milestone in the development of THNDR’s mobile gaming platform,” the press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine states. The game is the first to showcase THNDR’s social competitive layer and features, which include Leagues, THNDR’s leveling system that pits community members against each other.

Gaming Graph will serve as a badging and reputation system for players that is easily transferable to other environments and clients, including Nostr. Through Cameri’s NIP-58, as players advance through THNDR Leagues and achieve gaming milestones, badges will be issued to their Nostr pubkey and tied to their identity, allowing users to build a virtual reputation. These established reputations built in THNDR games may have merit or value in other communities.

“We’re thrilled to add Bitcoin Blocks to the THNDR platform and continue our mission of spreading Bitcoin adoption through play,” Desiree Dickerson, THNDR CEO, explained. “By combining two familiar classics – Tetris and Sudoku – we hope to reach new users traditionally underrepresented in gaming and financial access and introduce them to Bitcoin. Bitcoin Blocks marks a major milestone for THNDR, as it showcases the first of many social, competitive features on the platform.”

THNDR plans to continue rolling out competitive gaming and social features to the platform throughout the year. The company’s most recent title “Club Bitcoin: Solitaire,” has become the highest ranking bitcoin game of all time, reaching #21 in the U.S. App Store, according to THNDR.

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