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Cambridge, UK – April 25, 2023: Timpi has launched its Collector nodes on Flux, the most decentralized cloud infrastructure. This collaboration expands Timpi’s network, provides it with robust decentralized servers and reaches individuals who may not have the required specifications or hardware to run their nodes. The launch of Timpi’s nodes on Web3 is a significant milestone in their beta program and establishes Timpi as a truly decentralized search engine.

Timpi’s partnership with Flux will enable both parties to promote their decentralized platforms to each other’s communities, thereby increasing awareness around decentralized projects. Flux and Timpi share a common commitment to promoting decentralization and expanding access to its benefits. This collaboration represents an exciting opportunity for Timpi to reach new heights and make a lasting impact in the decentralized world.

Timpi web search beta testing has given great results. With over 1000 beta testers, they are indexing up to 3500 pages per second. During this closed beta phase, they have also added 230 million new domains to their index with an average query response of 700ms, which is extraordinary for a decentralized web index.

Timpi has also recently announced their Public ICO and Token Generation Event (TGE) dates. They have set the Public ICO to take place no later than August 14th 2023 and the TGE no later than September 14th 2023. If you are interested in participating in Timpi’s Public ICO you can find more information HERE:

The launch of the Collector nodes on Flux marks the beginning of a fruitful and exciting collaboration between Flux and Timpi. It will not only lay a solid foundation for Timpi’s future apps and products but also strengthen the decentralized space and further position Flux as a market leader in the decentralized marketplace.

About Flux

Flux is the first and largest decentralized cloud infrastructure, providing an alternative to BigTechs such as Google Cloud or AWS, it’s a blockchain-based platform designed to help developers create decentralized applications (dApps) with ease. With Flux, developers can build dApps that are fast, secure, scalable, more affordable and without a single point of failure. Moreover Flux supports cross-chain interoperability, enabling developers to build dApps that can interact with multiple blockchain networks. Flux aims to provide a streamlined and accessible development experience for creating the next generation of decentralized applications. Learn more at

About Timpi

Through their proprietary technology, Timpi has built the first completely independent and decentralized web index that is autonomously governed, globally scalable, and designed to integrate blockchain technology within the framework of traditional global commerce. Timpi believes that everyone should have access to unbiased and impartial information. They are deeply concerned about the monopolization of the search engine industry, which has resulted in a lack of accountability, transparency, and competition, harming both consumers and innovation. Timpi’s proprietary index is rapidly expanding, capable of indexing 300 million records per day at a fraction of the cost of existing market players. Timpi Search is just the beginning. Their road map includes a range of innovative products, including their Data Market and App Store. You can find out more about Timpi here:

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