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ADA’s Recent High and Analyst Predictions: Cardano’s ADA reached a six-month high near $0.40, with analysts forecasting significant growth. Predictions include a rise to $10 by next summer and potentially $30 in the longer term.
Bullish Projections for ADA: Notable predictions from analysts like Ali and Lucid suggest ADA could reach between $10 to $30, influenced by market trends and global economic factors.
FieryTrading’s Bold Forecast: Analyst FieryTrading predicts an extraordinary 10,000% increase for ADA, potentially reaching $35 by 2025, based on market analysis and bull market patterns.

ADA Gearing up for a Rally Next Year?

One of the best-performing crypto assets as of late – Cardano’s native token ADA – recently spiked to a six-month high of nearly $0.40 (per CoinGecko’s data). However, the asset’s price is still far from its ATH level of almost $3, registered in the summer of 2021.

Some analysts believe ADA could spike to that peak and even surpass it in 2024. One such person is the popular cryptocurrency analyst using the X (Twitter) handle Ali. They observed certain charts and previous consolidation marks to set a $10 price target possibly to be achieved by next summer.

The X user Lucid was even more optimistic, envisioning ADA to explode to $30, predicting that global inflation could lift the cryptocurrency market capitalization to $10 trillion in the following years. However, the analyst did not specify when Cardano’s coin might spike to that level.

Those willing to dive deeper into the matter and observe additional ADA forecasts could take a look at our latest video below:

The Wildest Bet

The most bullish ADA prediction came from the analyst using the handle FieryTrading. In their view, the token could skyrocket to $35 in the next two years (most probably in 2025), representing a whopping 10,000% increase compared to its current valuation. 

“Since the pattern has now been confirmed, we can take a look at the next bull-market top. Assuming that the bull-market top will be somewhere in 2025 and that ADA will continue to follow this pattern, we can make the assumption that ADA will top somewhere above 35$,” they maintained.

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