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The Arbitrum airdrop is arguably one of the most highly-anticipated events in the cryptocurrency industry throughout the past couple of months. It seems that the wait is finally over.

The team also released documentation as to which users qualify, so let’s have a look.

First things first, the airdrop will take place on March 23rd, but users can already check their eligibility, and their precise claim to ARB tokens is here.
There is a point system that will dictate how many tokens each user will get, with everyone needing a minimum of three points to qualify.
The point score is capped at 15, and some of the actions include bridging funds to Arbitrum One, doing transactions, and so forth.
The maximum allocation a single address can get is 10,200 tokens.
The ARB token will serve governance purposes and will have an initial supply cap of 10 billion.
11.62% of it (1.162B tokens) will go toward the airdrop. 1.13% will go to DAOs who helped build applications on Arbitrum.
Every action from those who qualify will attribute to a certain number of points, and the number of tokens that will be distributed will depend on that.
The maximum number of ARB tokens that a single wallet can receive is 10,200.
Here’s what the qualifying actions look like:

Source: Official Website

It’s also important to note that the snapshot date was February 6th, 2023.
The token is a governance one and will constitute a self-executing DAO where the proposals that are voted in will be executed directly on-chain.
All investor and team tokens are subject to 4-year lockups.The first unlock will happen after a year, after which tokens will be unlocked monthly.

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